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If you’re searching for top-notch TAEKWONDO Courses in Jaipur area look no further than SMARTS. Whether you’d like to take a private class or group session we are confident that our option will meet your needs we can help you improve overall physical fitness as well as coach you on a specific martial art such as TAEKWONDO and we will always keep your goals in mind in order to attain your satisfaction.

We’ve worked hard to earn great reputation in our area and that’s why you can count on us for personalized attention and outstanding customer service. We offer classes in

SMARTS is an established TAEKWONDO academy in Jaipur and our TAEKWONDO courses are designed to help people of every age group with different level of physical fitness. We are open at 5:00PM to 7:00PM on each day of week except Friday. Call us Today to learn more about how our highly experienced professionals can assist you.

SMARTS have affiliation from District TAEKWONDO Association Jaipur and Rajasthan TAEKWONDO Association, both comes under TAEKWONDO Federation of India (National Body of TAEKWONDO in India).

SMARTS have TechCruzers (an innovative software firm) as our Technical Partner which makes us equally active on social media and technically up to date so that you never miss any notification regarding upcoming events.


SMARTS TEAM provides the top level of TAEKWONDO Training our highly skilled & experienced team members will strive to make the courses engaging and interesting because attaining your satisfaction will be our main priority.

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