“TAEKWONDO Aims to Achieve Modesty, Perseverance, Self-Control and Indomitable Spirit.”

-The Tenets of Taekwondo written by General Choi Hong Hi


TAEKWONDO is a martial art that began more than 20,000 years ago in what is now the two nations of Korea translated.
TAEKWONDO is an empty-hand combat form that entails the use of the whole body tae means to kick or smash with the feet, kwon implies punching or destroying with the hand and fist and do means the way or the method. TAEKWONDO thus is a technique of unarmed combat for Self Defence that involves the skilful application of techniques that include punching, jumping kicks, blocks, dodges, parrying action with hands and feet. It is more than a mere physical fighting skill, representing as it does a way of thinking and a pattern of life requiring strict discipline. It is a system of training both mind and body in which great emphasis is placed on the development of the trainee’s moral character.

Today, TAEKWONDO is the fastest growing martial art in the world with over 30 million.

In the year 1975, TAEKWONDO was introduced in India by Grand Master Jimmy R.Jagtiani. On 2nd Aug. 1976, the TAEKWONDO Federation of India (TFI) was formed and established as a National Body of TAEKWONDO in India. On 2nd August 1977, the World TAEKWONDO Federation (WTF) accorded affiliation to the TAEKWONDO Federation of India in 1978, the Asian TAEKWONDO Union (ATU) in 1982, the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) in 1985 and the South Asian TAEKWONDO Federation (SATF) in 1994 respectively. The Department of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of India also granted recognition to the TAEKWONDO Federation of India as an apex judicial and autonomous National Body of Taekwondo in India in 1988. The art of Taekwondo was introduced for the first time in the National Games held at New Delhi in the year 1985.

The international Olympic committee recognized the WTF and TAEKWONDO sparring in 1980. For this reason the kukkiwon-defined the style of TAEKWONDO is sometimes referred as sport-style TAEKWONDO. Olympic-style TAEKWONDO, or WTF-style TAEKWONDO, but the style itself is defined by the kukkiwon, not by the WTF, and the WTF competition ruleset itself only allow the use of a very small number of total number of technique included in the style.

Therefor the correct term of South Korean Government sponsored style of TAEKWONDO associated with Kukkiwon, is Kukki TAEKWONDO meaning “Nation TAEKWONDO” in Korean.